RaytheSharpener Pro Edge Hands-On Review

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been bombarded with videos by Raythesharpener and his Pro Edge angle adjustable knife sharpener wherever you go onto YouTube.

Well, since I’m into knives, I wanted to see if it really works.

Raythesharpener’s Pro Edge does a good job of sharpening standard kitchen knives. It won’t leave the cleanest edge to your blade, but the angle adjustable element does provide a better result than set angle knife sharpeners.

It’s also the exact same as a variety of other available sharpeners, such as this Smith’s Angle Adjustable Knife sharpener available directly on Amazon:

Smith’s Angle Adjustable Knife Sharpener

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Pro Edge Delivery Time

One of the main issues with the Pro Edge was the long delivery time. For me, it took around 3 weeks to arrive. Ray has said this has improved since and to be fair I did order it in the run-up to Christmas, but don’t expect the kind of next-day delivery Amazon has got everyone used to.

Ease of Use

I did notice a lot of typos on the packaging! But I guess it doesn’t matter too much because you don’t need any instructions anyway, the device is pretty simple.

Turn the knob to the desired knife angle and then run your blade through the carbide slot first, and then refine it using the ceramic slot.

Choice of angle

One thing that kind of sucks is that the angle choices are even numbers only, from 14 degrees to 24 degrees. So, if you wanted to choose 15 degrees, an angle used by a lot of kitchen knives, you can’t.

Hey, it’s only 1 degree different, but it would be nice right?

Pro Edge vs Other Sharpeners

I tested the Pro Edge against 3 other sharpeners, ranging in price from $4 to $60.

It performed well, coming second to the $60 Work Sharp Precision Adjust Sharpener, a far superior and more precise tool that will leave a much smoother finish to the blade, but it is around double the cost.

Here are the results of cutting force after sharpening, and how long it took to sharpen:

ProductCostCutting force (g)Time
Work Sharp$6011522:00
Pro Edge$3018502:10
Electric Sharpener$3024501:50
Set Angle Pull Through$428501:33

I think overall the Pro Edge can hold its head high amongst other ‘low-cost’ sharpeners.